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Overseas recruitment

International recruitment

Are you looking to hire graduates who can strengthen your ties with Norway or other countries or increase the cultural diversity of your organization?

International recruitment

Collett assists Norwegian and foreign companies that want to hire candidates across national borders. Companies are becoming increasingly international, and more and more people areinterested in working abroad, permanently or for a limited period of time. This tendency opens up new markets and a wider pool of candidates, making it all the more important to work with partners that have an established network and the experience necessary to ensure success. Collett is your ideal partner in Norway.

The entire process from research to appointment

Through an international network, advertisements and active searches we identify attractive candidates who can help your company develop in the direction you want. These candidates are interviewed and quality assured. We have good contact with the various education institutions in Norway, meaning we are in a better position to evaluate the candidates. We also have good knowledge of national companies, making us better able to assess the candidate’s career. Thorough reference checks are essential to make sure that the information the candidate has supplied is correct.

Certified in internationally recognized personality tests

Collett is certified to perform an international personality test that has been approved by DNV GL. Personality tests can be taken in 42 languages and have been customized for different cultures to make it easier to understand candidate profiles across national borders.


For more information contact Managing Director Nanna Collett by e-mail: nanna@collettsearch or on

mobile +47 975 18 446.